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Who’s it for: Lotto ‘Lucky Dog’ by DDB and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: We laughed, we cried, we cried a little bit more and then we laughed again. The latest Lotto campaign is certainly a big, expensive-looking cinematic journey. And it’s nigh-on impossible not to have your heart strings tugged by the extremely impressive main canine, Wilson. It’s the kind of epic tale—and, given the high production standards, possibly the kind of production budget—that would presumably warm the cockles of the old story-telling advertising guard.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Ranfurly Frontier Lager by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Two Birds

Why we like it: It’s difficult to escape masculine stereotypes and cliche in mainstream beer advertising. After all, stereotypes are always right. And the well-established beer formula applies to this solid, humorous and pretty good-looking effort.

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