If the shoe fits, destroy it

Product demonstrations are a dime a dozen. Product destruction demonstrations, not so much. But that’s exactly what local footwear label Yours has done. 

The slow-motion video includes explosives, paint, a crossbow, a chainsaw and a pig’s head, all used to destroy an innocent pair of classic grey hightops

Yours designer and founder Andrew Henry, a longtime sneaker enthusiast and son of coaching great Sir Graham Henry, says the clip came about after receiving a shipment of shoes he wasn’t entirely happy with. He decided to destroy them and film it, enlisting a few mates to help, among them Jae Morrison (ex Colenso BBDO, now Finch) and Tom Paine (Y&R).

The soundtrack features a female vocalist narrating the destruction process in French and it was produced by Joel Little, who has worked with the likes of Lorde and Kids of 88.

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