If cars were boxes

Ride-sharing platform Uber has taken a look at what the world would look like if it was overflowing with cars and it’s not pretty.

The 80-second spot replaces cars with cardboard boxes and watches as the number of boxes grows until they’ve taken over an entire city. At the same time, driver and pedestrian frustration grows as it becomes dangerous to drive.

The cheerful jazz music and cardboard boxes make for a humorous ad, however, the reality of cars taking over space that could otherwise be used for living in is not so humorous.

The point is argued further in a dedicated Unlocking Cities online platform that explains how cars take up valuable space. 

For example, it would take 2,900 football pitches to park all the cars in Singapore, while Jakarta could come to a standstill in by 2022 if it continues at its current rate of vehicle growth.

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