Don’t be sorry

What do you say to parents who have just had a child with Down syndrome? Definitely not “sorry” according to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

With its agency FCB Canada, the society is on a mission to remind people that every baby deserves a warm welcome by sharing a video that contains reactions people should have when they see a baby with Down syndrome. 

The reactions are suggested by people with Down syndrome and include “Congratulations”, “shit yeah”,”she’s so cute I want to barf”, “there goes your sex life” and “you just squeezed out a human”. None of the suggestions feature the word ‘sorry’.

“You’re supposed to be celebrating, so don’t be sorry about a baby. Be happy,” they say.

The campaign follows on from last year’s ‘Down Syndrome Answers’ series, that watches as people with Down syndrome answer commonly asked questions about the syndrome.

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