Idealog welcomes NBR’s Hazel Phillips with tender embrace, farewells exiting Cooney with awkward handshake

The soon to be relaunched Idealog magazine has ended its galactic search for a new editor, fixing on a local human whose name many of our dear StopPress readers will already know: NBR’s Hazel Phillips.

“I’m always thrilled, excited and delighted, but today I’m especially thrilled, excited and delighted to welcome Hazel as the new editor, commencing July 18,” says Idealog publisher Vincent Heeringa. “Hazel brings all the qualities we need in an editor: curiosity, doggedness, experience and wit. She’s also quite tall and likes snowboarding.”

Phillips is well known in media and marketing circles for her writing in the NBR and for producing and fronting TVNZ7’s Adshow last year. She recently wrote a biography of David Hartnell, New Zealand’s first make-up artist, and is currently completing post-graudate studies with Massey University. But wait, there’s more: she was also an acting editor at New Idea.

Heeringa also had some choice words for departing editor Matt ‘Cooney Cooney’ Cooney, a regular recipient of editor of the year accolades at the Magazine Awards.

“Matt was the founding editor of Idealog and has overseen our growth from a troublesome start-up to a troublesome regular business magazine. His laid back, self-effacing style belies a sharp intelligence and editorial flair that we have been jealous of since, like, forever. We’ll miss Matt a great deal and wish him well in his new role.”

The cuddly, curmudgeonly Cooney is not moving very far, however. He has been named head of digital development for Tangible Media and sister company &Some, and will oversee the launch of Idealog’s daily online news service, which is due to commence June 30.

The relaunch issue of Idealog, issue number 34, will be Cooney’s last.

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