HP gives the gift of music

The three-minute video, called ‘Brothers’, tells the story of a deaf teenager whose brother plays in a band he cannot hear. The video follows the boy as he watches the band rehearse and goes to a gig, only too see and never hear. His desperation to hear the music is then shown through his air guitar playing in the mirror and drawing of instruments while in class.

However, his brother clearly sees the frustration and sets about relieving it with a room full of 500 lamps, over 100 LED tube lights and speakers.

Each string is paired with a set of lights that flash when played and the base is turned up to give maximum vibration.

For its efforts, the video has received 12,000 views on Facebook and hundreds of likes. However, commenters expressing their like and appreciation of it are few and far between, as many have used the comment section to instead criticize HP and its products.

To see how the ad was made, check out the behind the scenes video below:

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