Santa goes digital: NZ Post sends Christmas wishlists via email

A new interactive website designed by Method lets New Zealand children make a virtual postcard to send to Santa. They can choose from three backgrounds for Santa, the beach, backyard or home, and can click and drag images to make the postcard themselves.

“Sitting down and writing a letter to Santa and then putting it in the post is a Christmas tradition for many families,” says Tina Morgan, spokesperson for NZ Post.  “Messages can be sent to Santa online too, and this year we’ve set up a new interactive website for kids to create and decorate their own digital postcard for Santa.”

Senders can choose whether they receive a postcard back via email or post. “Being in a digital environment all the time we still value kids getting things in the mail,” says managing director of Method Sam Ramlu.

Thanks to the now automated process, the response from Santa will be personalised with a lot less admin than the letters sent in by post. The postcard will have an image of Santa at the child’s chosen location and include their name, whether they say they’ve been naughty or nice and a comment on their desired gift. 

Five thousand postcards have been created since the website launched a few weeks ago, with some requests as from far afield as China and Taiwan. Method shared some of these with us:

Aimee’s letter:

“HI my name is Aimee i am your bigest fan i would love to meet you and your raindeer .please could i have a jumbo teddy bear because i could have a nap on it and 1234567890 more reasons why . i would aso like a camera that is a nice blue and green colour.have a lovely christmas .*”

Connor’s letter:

“I have been a very good boy, can I please have a digger, a dinosaur, a scooter and some chocolate please. Love Connor xx”

Archie’s letter:

“Thank you for thinking I’m a good boy. I hope you’re enjoying the snow. Also I’d like your phone number as I’m your friend.”

Santa now graces NZ Post’s Facebook page display image, and a video by OBD showing children using the site has been shared online. This will be shared in turn by social media influencers, including journalist Emily Writes and blogger Beau Monde Mama.


Client: NZ Post
Client Contact: Kimberley Waters, Sharon Moynagh
Agency: Method
CD: Eugene Eastlake
Art Director: Royce Reyes
Designer: Nick Peek
Front end engineer: Danillo Castilho
Back end engineer: Evgenii Starodedov
Account Director: Sam Ramlu
Senior Account Manager: Rhian Bedford-Palmer

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