Hot cross food

While we all tucked into hot cross buns over the long weekend, around the world people enjoyed the Easter tradition in a variety of food forms.

Alcohol sources on Easter Sunday may have been a little scarce, but that did not stop Gin Tales from creating a holiday themed tipple.

While children enjoyed Easter egg hunts, Gin Tales Hot Cross Gin made sure the adults had a treat of their own.

To get the Easter flavour, Gin Tales described the gin as an infusion with citrus, sultanas and Easter spices.

To enjoy the classic treat in snack form, UK popcorn makers Butterkist made a limited edition Hot Cross Bun flavoured popcorn.


Those who like a cuppa with their hot cross bun can now combine the two thanks to Blue Bird Tea’s Hot Cross Bun Tea.

Giving the aroma of currants and cinnamon, Blue Bird says the tea smells like the freshly baked buns.

And for a more substantial hot cross meal, ETM Group in the UK created a Hot Cross Bunny Burger featuring a rabbit patty, and other ingredients, in a hot cross bun.

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