Hot in the city

Heineken has been trying to inspire men to explore the world through its Legends series, which has resulted in some brilliant ads and increased sales around the world. But it’s gone down the domestic road in its latest spot and is tapping into the power of FOMO by showing them what they could be missing out on in their own cities.  

As the Wieden + Kennedy release says: 

The bright lights of the big city are a lure to us all, bringing us in droves to the world’s most glittering metropolises. Yet once we’re there, many of us revert to our old mentality as we create a virtual village within our city, going to the same bars, restaurants and clubs and bumping into the same people.

Heineken believes that every great city offers an endless adventure within its sky-scraping towers and neon streets and that men should never stop exploring their own urban backyard. The campaign’s TVC, The City, sees our Man of the World character explore his city by following a mysterious set of cards lost by a beautiful woman – a call to the young man-about-town to explore and open his city. 

As part of the campaign, Heineken has produced a set of specially designed bottles, with New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London & Rio de Janeiro featuring on the label. No word on whether Invercargill will make it in to the next batch.  

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