Holst gets mythological and embraces halitosis-based awkwardness for new Eclipse campaign

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

A new campaign for Wrigley’s Eclipse mints by Auckland-based Sweet Shop director Sam Holst and DDB Sydney hits Kiwi screens this week. And it taps into that rich, awkward comedic vein that is bad breath—although in a slightly more surreal fashion than most other mint ads. 

Positioning Eclipse as the ‘after anything’ mint opened a door into a new, preposterous creative realm where the focus was placed on the ‘anything’, something evidenced by the starring roles of the ‘Creatures’, the fish-munching mermaid and the coffee-drinking yeti.

“It wasn’t ever about hamming up the gags for me,” says Holst, who has been with The Sweet Shop for two years and is regarded as something of an up and comer in the stable. “I preferred that we enjoy the tension of those bad breath, socially awkward moments so that people could really empathise with them.”

Shooting tropical summer during a New Zealand winter is always a tough call. But the clouds broke to give them the only day in a month without rain.

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