Hell and BC&F offer customers a spin of the spicy wheel

Back in the day, my mother occasionally used to make lamingtons. One of her favourite party tricks was to cut a square piece of mattress foam, cover it with chocolate icing, coconut and cream, put it on the plate along with all the actual lamingtons and then laugh maniacally when some unlucky sod bit into the trick treat. So a wave of nostalgia surged through me when I noticed this pizza roulette campaign for Hell Pizza by Barnes, Catmur & Friends that aims to tap into the sado-masochistic pizza-eating market.

Youtube VideoGiven the Jackass-y world we now live in, where pain is humorous and often shared, it seems like the option to put some of the hottest chilli known to man on one slice of pizza (slogan: “it doesn’t cost, but someone pays”) will be right down the alley of Hell’s target market. Let’s just hope the nine-year-old who took home one of Hell’s syringe pens filled with fake blood doesn’t get the spicy number in his family’s next pizza order.

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