Heineken joins forces with geneticist for launch of new campaign

In celebration of the introduction of its new, velvety beer, Heineken has collaborated with geneticist Andrew Shelling to create a tasting kit that allows beer aficionados to delve into the scientific intricacies of their flavour inclinations.

Dubbed ‘The Heineken Choice’, the taste kits are able to detect testers’ sensitivity to strong flavours using a PTC test. Those who can detect flavour when doing the test will likely prefer the surprising smoothness of Heineken Silver, whereas those who taste nothing may prefer the profile of Heineken Original.

Hundreds of ‘The Heineken Choice’ kits will be available free of charge at selected bars around Auckland, allowing the public to explore their 10,000 taste buds and determine which beer flavour is right for them.

Heineken Silver has been designed to specifically appeal to a new generation of beer drinkers who prefer smooth, low-carb beer. The extra refreshing lager is brewed at a chilled -1°C, resulting in a less bitter taste and a crisp, smooth and subtle finish.

The campaign has been conceived and executed by Special PR, with The Heineken Choice taste kits making their way to media and influencers around the country.

Natasha D’Souza, Senior PR Director at Special PR says: “We saw this as a unique way to build awareness around the Heineken portfolio while also provoking conversation and debate and ultimately encouraging trial. We know Kiwis love trying new brews, and this is a fun way to scientifically test which flavour they might prefer. Why not give it a shot?”

The launch of Heineken Silver expands the brand’s offerings by bringing an easy-to-drink beverage to those who don’t usually consider beer their go-to alcoholic drink of choice. And with the rise in popularity of low-carb beer – which has grown 22% over the past year alone – the new product will be welcomed with open hands.

Cormac van den Hoofdakker from DB Breweries describes Heineken as a beer for everyone:  “Heineken Silver is crafted to meet the needs of a new generation of beer drinkers with a lower-carb, lower-calorie recipe, and we love this clever way of getting people to explore their taste palate. 

“The Heineken Choice can unlock the secret to your favourite flavours and help you discern – is bitter better or do you approve of smooth?”



Senior Marketing Manager: Cormac van den Hoofdakker

Brand Manager: Lauren Parker-Cordon

External Communications Manager: Natasha MacKenzie

Trade Marketing Manager: Billie Yelcich

Agency: Special PR 

Special PR GM: Kelly Grindle

Senior PR Director: Natasha D’Souza

Executive Creative Director: Stu Mallarkey

Creative Lead: Kat Day

PR Director: Natalie Chandler

Senior PR Manager: Sophie Harsent

Studio & System Manager: Gavin Le Claire

Packaging & Design: Think Packaging

Cardboard Engineer: Blair McGowan

Cardboard Engineer: Mat Bogust

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