Hallertau’s real-world hospitality

That shiny rectangle in your pocket is an amazing piece of technology. But there’s a growing sense that we’re becoming far too attached to our phones, to the point where we seem to be happy to sacrifice real human interaction for a poke, a scroll and a quick game of information pokies. And Hallertau Brewery in Riverhead has taken a stand against the use of these magical cubes of distraction at its establishment and is aiming to promote actual conversation. 

Given mobile data is now so cheap, it may be a futile effort, but the intentions are good (and extra points for getting kids to colour in cute, cartoon beer vats). And, if the restaurateur in New York who studied surveillance footage and found that using phones has led to a massive increase in the time it takes to serve customers, incentivising customers to talk rather than type is probably good for business

Hallertau isn’t alone in its beliefs, of course. In an effort to increase bar chat, ad agency Fischer&Friends created a glass that could only stand up if you put your phone underneath it. 

Earlier this year Durex poked a satirical stick at tech advertising in a campaign that questioned what type of smartphone technology might help to improve a couple’s sex life. And the ad concludes by saying that the answers lies in the off button.        

Although largely whimsical, the ad tapped into a growing concern that technology might be driving a wedge between couples. And according to an article published on the Irish Examiner, there’s data to back these concerns:

“Research conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International on a sample of 2,252 Americans last year indicates cause for worry: 25 percent felt their partner was distracted by their phone when they were together and 8% had argued as a result. The figures were worse for younger people: 42 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds said their partners had been distracted by their phones and 18 percent had argued over the amount of time the other was spending online.”

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