Groov launches Embed modules: Interactive online learning for workplace wellbeing via Daylight

Groov (formerly Mentemia), co-founded by Sir John Kirwan, has partnered with Daylight to transform its Embed wellbeing programme for the modern workplace.

“Making learning about mental wellbeing easy and accessible is something I’m deeply passionate about,” says Groov co-founder Sir John Kirwan.

“This product is a really innovative approach that blends traditional concepts with the new ways we both work and learn.”

The new web-based experience features bite-sized modules that embed wellbeing into your day through the power of action-based learning.

Headphones on, you can leave behind the noise of the workplace and focus on key activities that build mental wellbeing literacy and get those feel-good chemicals pumping.

“From an audio journey mapped around the simple act of making a cup of tea to learning about your body’s stress response while out on a lunchtime walk, we wanted to create an experience that not only teaches you core wellbeing concepts but puts them into practice through simple, real-world actions,” says Charlie Godinet, Daylight’s creative director.

Every module is grounded in science and developed alongside leading health psychology specialist Dr Fiona Crichton. The experience is hosted by Sir John Kirwan himself and features guest narrators, including Kiwi comedian Joe Daymond.

“We’re thrilled to bring this new experience to our partners. The likes of Kiwibank and NZ Post, through to SMEs such as Tribe Recruitment and Anthony Harper, are all working with us as they truly care for their people and want to support them with leading, innovative solutions. This is an incredible next step to help their peoples’ mental wellbeing further,” says Fiora Au, Groov’s Chief Product Officer.


Co-Founder: Sir John Kirwan
Co-Founder: Adam Clark
VP of Marketing: Ian Bishop
Chief Product Officer: Fiora Au
VP and Clinical Lead: Fiona Crichton
Creative Agency: Daylight
Director: Alexander Gandar
Sound: Radiate
CGI: The Craft Shop

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