Greenpeace asks Coca-Cola to reduce plastic use for Christmas

Greenpeace is getting into the Christmas Spirit with a spoof of a Coca-Cola Christmas ad. But, not all is as happy as it appears.

The soft-drink company is long known for delivering festive joy, having run Christmas advertising since the 1920s and shaping the image of Santa into the jolly man we know today. However, this year, Greenpeace hopes to show the company in a different light, with an ad showing the impact plastic bottles have on the sea.

The video is a montage of families enjoying Christmas traditions, but with a twist. The mistletoe, punch, fridge and Christmas tree are full of plastic and bottles litter the snowy ground beside kids building a snowman. That snowy scene then turns into a beachy one, as a man dressed as Santa dumps a truck of plastic into the sea while taking a swig of coke.

If watching it wasn’t shocking enough, the final message reads:

“A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every minute.
Coca-Cola produces an estimated 110 billion plastic bottles a year.
Many of these end up in the landfill, on beaches and in the ocean.
Don’t let Coke choke our oceans.”

Elena Di Palma, Greenpeace NZ plastics campaigner, says Coca-Cola is the world’s biggest soft drinks producer and the source of over a hundred billion disposable plastic bottles every year and it has the power to change how drinks are packaged and how that packaging is managed.

“This Christmas, we’re asking Coke to show some goodwill to our oceans and shrink their enormous plastic footprint.”

Alongside the campaign is an online petition asking Coca-Cola to reduce the amount of single-use plastic it produces.

Since its launch on 17 November, the spoof has been watched more than 1.3 million times on Facebook.

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