Gravity gives birth to advertising quintuplets as Coffee Run project hits screens

Kirstie Stanway got the shock of her life when she turned up for her first day as an intern at More FM and ended up flying to El Salvador as part of a marketing campaign for Gravity Coffee. And now Kiwis get to see how her rather unique experience panned out in a rather novel way, with her journey being made into a series of 45 second TVCs that will play in the first ad break of 3 News each night this week. 



Stanway was given just seven days to travel to Gravity’s grower in El Salvador, learn all about where the best beans come from, bring 6000 of them back through customs, learn how to roast them, get a day of barista training then finally return to More FM to make a perfect cup live. And, in keeping with MediaWorks’ oft-trumpeted integrated offering, Gravity Coffee’s group marketing manager Michaela Dumper says it’s “a really smart mix of a radio activated idea that is then amplified through different channels like digital, social and television”. 

Special Group has a penchant for creating advertising that’s hopefully interesting enough to double as editorial content, as evidenced with the likes of The Smirnoff Night Project and Unitec’s Change Starts Here documentary, and while Gravity’s campaign is featuring between the content this time, creative director Tony Bradbourne says Naked’s unique use of media, where different TVCs are shown at the same time each night, creates “a story within a story” for the loyal news watchers to tune in to. 

But, as Robber’s Dog director Tim Pierce says, it also means it was an incredibly challenging production, where “you’ll be seeing the first ad whilst we are still finishing the last ones”. 

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