Gratuitous violence meets POS as Vend HQ releases unique ‘snuff film’

Youtube VideoWhen local tech start-up (and winner of the supreme honour at the New Zealand Innovator’s Awards) Vend HQ launched www.welovepos.com, a website for sharing point of sale horror stories and celebrating great technology and design, it purchased a clunky, obsolete old cash register named Steve with one purpose in mind: trashing him. So they went to the customers and asked them whether he should meet his maker via firing squad, hammers, dynamite, or by ‘falling’ off a tall building. Then, as the votes started coming in, they thought, why not all of the above? 

VendHQ’s Nick Houldsworth says it was a challenging but enjoyable brief and, rather just film a few developers with pale skin and bad posture taking to an old cash register with baseball bats, he says they wanted to have a bit of fun with it and tell the story of why the company is “determined to put an end to miserable pieces of s**t like Steve, and all his kind”.

The promo was filmed on a shoestring budget, with favours called in from some talented friends, like writer and director Gerard Johnstone from the Jacquie Brown Diaries and Dan Musgrove from Underbelly in the lead.

Who knew point of sale could be so entertaining?

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