Gratuitous football post shows awesome murals and annoyingly clever 3D ad

Here’s a few visual treats to ease you back into the short working week, honour the birth of our Dear Queen and also prepare you for the start of the FIFA World Cup this weekend: to promote its coverage of the football fest ESPN’s agency Wieden & Kennedy, New York, commissioned a group of Capetown artists by the name of Am I Collective to paint 32 fairly outstanding murals of each of the countries participating in the tournament.

It’s a tribute to the joy we simple humans derive from stereotypes and, not surprisingly, New Zealand (which, being forced to watch all these late-night fixtures due to our pesky geographic location, is destined to be a very unproductive nation for the next few weeks) gets the haka treatment. You can read about the inspiration behind them (Ghanaian movie posters from the 1980s, apparently) in this Vanity Fair article.

In other news loosely related to the FIFA World Cup, Sony has released a new, slightly annoying, commercial for its 3D TV experience, and unlike most 3D ads of late, it actually covers both bases, as it is designed to be watched on 2D screens, but only so viewers feel like they’re missing out on something amazing. Touché Sony, Touché.

The ad will be on display in selected Sony Style stores from 12 June.

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