Google introduces smartwatch OS: war of the wearables heats up

The proliferation of smartphone ownership changed the vocabulary of body language, in the sense that it stopped people from pointing to a bare wrist when asked for the time. These days, when asked for the time, people almost reflexively clutch at their pockets as an allusion to their phones.

But, now, Google is attempting to rewind the evolution of body language by introducing Android Wear, a modified operating system that can be used in a range of smartwatches that consumers – beyond tech junkies – would actually consider wearing.   

By bringing on LG, Asus, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung as hardware partners, Google has now put the challenge to tech giants to render a stylish smartwatch that isn’t clunky or obnoxious.

The Fossil Group has already announced that it will be introducing Android-powered smartwatches later this year. And given the company’s historical appeal to fashion-conscious consumers, it will be interesting to see what emerges from its workshop.  

Although the concept is by no means new, Google’s latest foray into the world of wearable technology could potentially offer an aesthetic accessory that wouldn’t be out of place on the wrist of a businessman, surfer, or even, as Slate pointed out, a hipster.   

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