Good gets back on the goodfoot

Tangible Media announced that it would be making some changes to Good magazine back in October. Well, the makeover is now complete, with a fresh editorial direction from new editor Sarah Heeringa and a snazzy redesign by art director Sally Fullam. And, freegans rejoice, for the reluanch edition of the mag that goes on sale on Monday 6 December also comes with a free copy of very handy Good Shopping Handbook.

As consumers become more concerned about their environmental impact and as marketers attempt to tap into the green zeitgeist (often by making misleading or downright false claims), instructional, how-to publications offering practical advice that aim to cut through the confusion have prospered (for example, The Healthy Food Guide, NZ Gardener, the recently launched Good Health and plenty of others along the same lines). And the new Good, which “is filled with stories of Kiwis doing amazing things, inspirational world-changing ideas and practical down-to-earth advice on what to eat, grow, wear and do”, hopes to tap into that desire more effectively than it had in the past.

In keeping with its green focus, the magazine is printed on new environmentally friendly offset stock and will be available at all good magazine retailers in a specially produced paper envelope.

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