Sloganic powers harnessed for good as best town ‘rebrand’ chosen

There’s nothing better than making fun of twee town slogans (aside perhaps from coming up with your own). And a contest run by grabaseat and BillieTees called ‘Love Your Town’ has unearthed a few crowd-sourced beauts, with Cecilia of the West Coast and her ‘She’ll be Whitebait’ effort chosen as the worthy winner.

Also among the nine finalists chosen by the judges was One News journalist Krissy Moreau, who worked for 12 months in TVNZ’s most southern bureau, reporting on the Undie 500, couch burnings, uninsulated flats and riots. She was so amazed she thought to herself: “This ain’t Dunedin, it’s Funedin!”

The accompanying design for her tee features a colossal pair of y-fronts which the juvenile fun park that is Funedin is rising from, replete with an iceberg and a burning couch and car tearing along a rollercoaster ride that circles the Town Hall. What, no Shrek the sheep?

Cecilia’s winning design gets her return tickets for two to L.A and five of the winning tees.

There was only one Auckland design among the finalists and it was a fairly predictable West Auckland number featuring a pimped out shopping trolley loaded with classic westie memorabilia and the slogan “Where everyone gets a bogan.” And the Kaitaia and Rotorua efforts are also worthy of some praise.

All the finalist’s slogans have been printed on t-shirts and are now available for purchase on BilliTee’s website. For every tee sold with Moreau’s slogan, $5 will be donated to the Dunedin SPCA.

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