Go baby go

With studies suggesting babies can cover up to seven kilometres a day once they become mobile, Huggies put four crawlers to the test in the ‘World’s first baby marathon’.

The campaign, by Ogilvy South Africa, saw Thunder Pants, Racin’ Grayson, Hurricane Thando and Danger Boy wear a tracking device that converts wriggling, rolling and crawling into kilometres. They were then filmed in a series of videos to see who could achieve 21 kilometres first.

The videos live on a dedicated babymarathon.co.za website, with a commentator providing humorous commentary on what the little athletes got up to along the way.

But with only one winner, it was Racin’ Grayson who proved the fastest, crawling at an average speed of 3.65 kilometres per day to achieve the 21 kilometres in five days.

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