Gladrags at the ready: awards tickets still available, TVNZ ropes in talent for promo push

Just eight days to go until this year’s game changers are announced at the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards. All the smart people have already bought—or scavenged—their tickets, but there are still some available. And, if you’re hoping to make the most of the night, which is once again being MCed by Te Radar, TVNZ is here to help. 

When it comes to sponsorship in the modern era, brands are always looking for new ways to leverage their involvement, whether it be featuring All Blacks in their ads or, as is often the case with awards, sending in your logo, shaking hands with a winner, smiling for a photo on stage, saying a few words to butter up the trade and telling your staff not to throw any bread rolls. But in recent years major sponsors have been starting to make more of an effort to try and get value out of their association, as this year’s TVNZ-NZ Marketing promotional campaign made with the help of Running With Scissors attests.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

It’s hard to impress the battled hardened marcomms audience, as Fairfax found out last year when its military stunt fell fairly flat at the Axis Awards. But TVNZ has given it a crack with a series of vignettes aimed at guiding the audience members through this night of nights.

The first featured Rawdon Christie and Petra Bagust, the second went live last night with Matt and Rose from TNVZ’s yoof channel U-Live talking about the importance of knowing your audience and Greg Boyed from One News will be sharing tips on making the most of every connection for the last instalment.

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