Gender equality in FIFA 16

The first edition of the FIFA video game series was released in 1993. Over the years, the annual release of the latest edition has become something of an event in the gaming community, with aficionados of the franchise eagerly awaiting the updated version of the game.

In all the years since the launch of the first edition of the game, various biggest football stars of the moment have appeared on the cover to entice sports fans to make the purchase. And this year, for the first time, the coveted cover feature a woman as US forward Alexandra Morgan will share the space with Argentine forward Lionel Messi in the US version of the game. Australia and Canada will also follow suit, featuring Steph Catley and Christine Sinclair respectively. 

(Image credit: fifplay.com)

This move follows on from the hugely successful Women’s World Cup, which was recently hosted in Canada and won by a dominant US team.

In addition to winning the tournament for a record third time, the World Cup heroes also made history as the first women’s sports team to receive a ticker-tape parade in New York City—something, which much like the FIFA cover, seemed well overdue.   

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