Gay baby Jesus for sale

St Matthew in the City is a church renowned for its controversial advertising and none have been as notorious as its gay Jesus billboard put up for Christmas last year. Now you too can own this piece of gay rights memorabilia / affront to religion (depending on your position, of course).

Listed on Trade Me, the vinyl image of baby Jesus with a rainbow halo says “It’s Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out.” At its peak the billboard was featured on the likes of Huffington Post and even Catholic.org. Currently the auction is sitting at $310 with no reserve.

Not all are happy for the billboard to be sold as is. One of the questions on the auction asks if it’s kosher to repaint the billboard to make Jesus straight.

Now if you’re looking to buy something really offensive from Trade Me, look no further than David MacGregor’s auction for a personalised plate that reads “BRANDS”. Surely the LGBT community and homophobes can come together on this issue and agree that’s a douchey license plate.

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