French sabres! Cross country! Filthy rich! Subaru reunion! Cook the rainbow! Beard! Sexy dance! Sexy song! Linkage!

Youtube VideoTurns out old French farmers are actually quite technologically advanced.

Youtube VideoThe world’s newest extreme sport.

Youtube VideoPerhaps not the best time to be advertising filthy richness. But not a bad way to do it.

Youtube VideoFun with old (and new) Subarus.

Youtube VideoLurpak cooks up a very cool spot.

Youtube VideoCurse of the ginger beard.

Youtube VideoOh. My. Lord.

Youtube VideoOh. My. Lord (part 2).

A great cat-related text prank, a toad gets its own back on a smartphone-wielding owner, the best unintentionally sexual church signs, and Beef Nek Minute Steak.

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