Food, puppies, grandmas: AA Insurance focuses on what we really care about

Insurance advertising is known for watching as disaster strikes, leaving those in the audience without protection feeling guilty. But in a new approach, AA Insurance and DDB have left audiences feeling hungry and mushy.

In an acknowledgement that it knows its audience, AA Insurance is recognising people don’t care about insurance by focusing on what they do like: food, puppies and grandma.

A series of videos features the three things in a room for audiences to drool and gush as chocolate sauce and maple syrup are drizzled over desserts, the puppies roam around and get up close to the camera while the grandmas knit, bake and garden. Meanwhile, a voiceover talks about how they’re more appreciated than insurance. 

But careful not to completely disregard insurance, the props and environment scream AA Insurance through yellow and black colouring and product-related text.

The approach is refreshing in that it doesn’t pander to the fear-mongering that often typifies insurance advertising.   

DDB executive creative director Shane Bradnick explains that while the ads might not explicitly implore viewers to get insurance, he believes they serve as a reminder that insurance is actually worth thinking about.

“What they may care about is grannies, puppies or delicious looking pancakes. So, we thought if we put those things in front of a giant logo, and it made people smile, laugh or even hungry, then it may also help them remember that AA Insurance offers home and contents, and to sign up before they actually need insurance.”


AA Insurance:
Head of Marketing and Communications: Richard Park
Brand, Sponsorship and Acquisition Manager: Melodie Vickars
Marketing Specialists: Josh Thomson, Misha Desai
Marketing Representatives: Dianne Spaans, Dita Sekhar

Agency: DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick​
Creative Director: Ben Pegler​
Art Director: Borja Iciz
Copywriter: Kiran Strickland
Lead Business Partner: Kate Lines
Senior Business Director: Carly Pratt
Business Coordinator: Frankie Everard​
Planning Director: Andy Bell
Senior Planner: Anna Gunnell​
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Senior Agency Producer: Samantha Royal

Production Company: Scoundrel
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Nikki Smith
Director: James Dive
DOP: Crighton Bone

Post Production Company: Blockhead
Editor: Julian Currin

Soundtrack/composer/Music: Liquid Studios

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