Flying Fish, The Enthusiasts and Bell Tea bring flavour to life

The Enthusiasts, Flying Fish and Bell Tea have released a campaign to show how flavour can make things come to life.

Bell tea, one of New Zealand’s most love iconic brands, has created a literal mugshot. Our ceramic friends chuck out a sneaky yet funky dance to show the ‘feel alive flavour’, brought to life by The Enthusiasts.

The soundtrack plays a major part in the 30 and 15 second commercials. Anita Ward’s disco classic ‘Ring my Bell’, was re-recorded by well-known NZ singer/songwriter Anna Coddington and Liquid Studios. The live action was shot by Gary John of Flying Fish and the animation was led by Laban Dickinson at Flux.

The Enthusiasts’ strategic partner, Martin Yeoman, says the positive vibes of the campaign reflect how Bell Tea is meant to make its drinkers feel.

“Culturally our levels of optimism & positivity are constantly being challenged and that’s where Bell can play a role – it’s an uplift in a cup.”

The transformational uplift brought the idea to life. Creative partner, Jamie Hitchcock, says this was to show the positive effect Bell has.

“We wanted to show the moment of transformation and the positive affect that Bell has. We chose classic kiwi cups, the type found in homes and offices all around the country to demonstrate this. When the aroma of Bell Tea hits, it’s all on. Channelling the best Bell work of the past, it’s ultimately about providing uplift and optimism – that feel alive flavour”


Client: JDE

NZ Head of Marketing: Michael Stribrny

Brand Manager Bell Tea: Monique Durrant

Strategy & Creative: The Enthusiasts

Agency Producer: Fleur Swarbrick

Film Company: Flying Fish

Director: Gary John

Executive Producer: Samantha Attenborough

Animation Company: Flux Animation

Executive Creative Director: Laban Dickinson

Senior Producer: Je’maine Booth

Post Production: Mandy VFX

Music & Audio: Liquid Studios

Performance by: Anna Coddington

Music Rights: Aeroplane Music

Media: Havas

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