Fly Buys installation filled with 60,000 Jaffas for jafas

We at StopPress are strong believers in the power of confectioneries as a marketing tool and it seems Fly Buys agrees with us. The loyalty rewards company has installed a giant vending machine in the Britomart Transportation Centre providing Auckland commuters with 60,000 Jaffas.

The billboard allows Fly Buys and Air Points cards to be swiped in return for the orange-chocolatey goodness inside. The installation follows on from the Clemenger-made ‘Little Bit Good’ campaign, part of which saw several bus shelters around the country be converted  into Fly Buys-powered gumball machines. The creative for this latest machine is a Fly Buys / Clemenger partnership, with OMD on logistics and Anderson Design developing the visuals.

The same billboard was used inside of Wellington Airport, with gumballs instead of Jaffas. It was installed in Auckland last week and will run for another three weeks. A spokesperson for the company was unable to say whether the giant candy vending machine will be replicated in other parts of New Zealand, but does say if it is it’ll probably use a different filling.

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