Finland’s Facetime with Vanilla Ice

In a bid to persuade Finns that vanilla ice cream isn’t the most boring flavour available, Stockholm-based creative agency Perfect Fools recruited none other than 90s rapper Vanilla Ice to appear in a somewhat bizarre campaign for Consumo. But rather than flying the rapper to Finland and having him appear in person, the agency instead just video called him through the internet. What follows after this is a strange video in which a quartet of Finns engage in a range of games with the rapper (the clip ends by prompting viewers to visit a website, which features further Vanilla Ice videos).

The clips are remarkably awkward, and they do little to prove that vanilla ice cream is in any way superior to any other flavour. On the contrary, the campaign makes one not want to be in the general vicinity of an Vanilla flavoured, be it ice cream or humans. But then again, Finnish humour might just be a little different.         

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