Fine and Fancy: Crave launches social campaign for Finery drinks

Crave has partnered up with Kiwi RTD brand Finery to launch a humorous campaign showcasing the premium canned cocktails and mocktails.

Featuring two characters who are both exaggeratedly posh, the 15-second videos ridicule those who care too much for social status while simultaneously showcasing the product’s ingredients and benefits.

Designed with a monochrome backdrop that matches the colours of the different cans within the range, the campaign is easy on the eyes and concludes with the tagline ‘For those who like the finer things in life,’ matching the brand’s ethos.

Crave creative director, Hadleigh Averill, says it was important the social media approach made the high-quality, high price point Finery cocktail appealing to discerning drinkers without alienating mainstream consumers.

“The tongue in cheek nature of the campaign created the right amount of cut-through required for successful social content, while affording us an opportunity to exaggerate the luxury ingredients that make Finery such a great product,” says Averill.

Alongside the videos is still photography featuring the same outrageous characters and monochrome sets, as well as lifestyle photography that coincides with the topics covered in the campaign.


Brand – Finery Cocktails

Creative Agency – Crave

Managing Director – Daniel Hopkirk

Creative Director – Hadleigh Averill

Copywriter – Veronica Copestake

Art Direction – Helen Cregg

Producer – Kat Day

Production company – Swish

Director – Andy Day

Photography – Dave Olsen

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