FEDERATION reveals latest Auckland Transport campaign

Aucklanders deserve some good karma right now, and this week Auckland Transport launches its ‘good karma’ behaviour change campaign for drivers.

The campaign, launched with independent agency FEDERATION, provides vital context for proposed speed changes in Auckland. It aims to help drivers to understand the relationship between speed and safe, liveable communities – especially where there are pedestrians and people on bikes.

FEDERATION Managing Partner Olly Boden says: “The campaign leverages the concept of karma to connect Aucklanders to the reality that calmer driving can avoid harmful consequences for both themselves and others. In this way, we can all contribute to safer, liveable communities for everyone – now and in the future.

“By modelling the behaviour we want to encourage – good, safe driving – we hope to motivate drivers to make a conscious change towards a calmer, safer mindset when they’re behind the wheel.”

Chief Creative Officer Tony Clewett says: “The creative idea leverages behavioural priming and nudging to influence drivers with the feel-good behaviour change message of ‘Drive calmer, spread good karma’. It gives a visual demonstration of how one person’s mood and actions can impact another person’s wellbeing, and how this ‘contagious’ behaviour applies to our driving. ‘Good’ drivers stick to safe speeds and help to spread positivity, both to other drivers and pedestrians.”

Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist for Auckland Transport, Mark Sharman says: “You and your loved ones are sometimes the ones in the car travelling just that bit too fast. Sometimes it’s pedestrians and people on bikes who are most at risk. Speed may not be the cause of every crash, but the greater the speed the more likely death or serious injury will be the outcome. A safe and appropriate speed limit is the difference between those we love walking away from a crash, or being carried away. We want Aucklanders to feel happy and proud about the positive influence they can have on keeping everyone safe on Auckland’s roads.”

The campaign includes a 30 second film that will run across YouTube, TVNZ On Demand and Cinema, and Auckland Transport’s social channels. Radio advertisements and OOH placements will also deliver the message in key locations with proximity to the speed limit changes.

Auckland is a Vision Zero region, meaning Auckland Transport is committed to a goal of no deaths or serious injuries on our roads by 2050.

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