FCB wins second Orca in a row for a happily grim ad about Bertie the dancing pig

FCB has won an Orca for the second month in a row, this time for its radio ad called ‘The Tale of Bertie the Dancing Pig’ as part of a campaign for Gregg’s Rich Red Tomato Sauce.

For its radio ad, the FCB team—consisting of Matt Williams, Freddie Coltart and Scott Kelly—drew on a bit of black comedy. The spot starts out as a seemingly normal ad, which appears at first to be aimed at children, and is about Bertie the pig who wishes to dance but all the other pigs won’t accept him. The clip is narrated by one of those generic comforting grandad voices, so naturally the listener assumes all is well.

We think things are about to pick up for Bertie when the narrator says the other pigs “…didn’t worry Bertie one bit.” But then he goes on to say “because the butcher cut his throat and hung him on a shiny hook”.

The narrator then urges people to give Bertie a happy ending by accompanying him with Greggs Rich Tomato Sauce. Sounds like a fair compromise for Bertie … we think.

According to a release, the ad will join the other finalists to go to the annual judging with the Grande ORCA being announced in May.

For the win, the creatives received $500 cash, a certificate, an ORCA trophy to display for a month and entry into the Grande ORCAs. The client also receives a $5,000 rate card spot schedule.

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