Entertaining stars align as Fashion Quarterly heads inside

Fashion Quarterly is a bit of an institution in the world of Kiwi fashion. And now it’s about to add a bit of class to the worlds of food and interiors with the latest addition to its stable, Fashion Quarterly Entertaining.

Janine Bourke, FQ’s magazine manager, says there are a few reasons ACP has decided the time is right to publish a special annual issue 1) FQ is doing very well under the editorship of Fiona Hawtin, with circulation increasing by 17 percent in the latest ABC figures and ad revenue also on the up 2) the consumer lifestyle sector as a whole is performing fairly well (Fairfax’s NZ Life and Leisure clocked one of the biggest circulation increases in the last round) 3) FQ Occasions, another special annual publication that was launched around one year ago, has also proven very successful and 4) the October 10 launch fits in nicely with all the festivities of the RWC and the onset of the summer entertaining season.

Back in 1997, Fashion Quarterly launched an ‘entertaining’ issue and Bourke says it is “a slight resurrection of that, although it will be quite different” and will include beauty and fashion (speaking of which, in what ACP calls a NZ first, it has just launched www.nzbeautyreport.com, with beauty editors and editors from The Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, Next, Good Health, Fashion Quarterly and Cleo providing a “daily dose of all things beautiful, from hot launches and insider tips to product reviews and downloadable tutorials”).

Of course, things have changed considerably in New Zealand since 1997 and she says there’s undoubtedly been a maturation of the ‘entertaining’ sector. But, as you’d expect, “it’s not three ways with mince on a Wednesday”. It’s premium, it’s aspirational and it’s aimed at what Nielsen calls high-end entertainers, or the top 12 percent of income earners. And, despite the recession over the past few years and continuing fiscal uncertainty, she says the very rich haven’t really changed their spending and the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton have continued to advertise, which seems to indicate the luxury industry is still alive and kicking in New Zealand.



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