EMANZ and CAANZ PresCom to merge

EMANZ (the Experiential Marketing Association of New Zealand) is set to merge with CAANZ PREScom (PR, Social and Experiential Committee) after six months of discussions in a bid to help future-proof the experiential industry.

According to the release, EMANZ has been closely aligned with CAANZ and more specifically with the PR, Social and Experiential Committee (PRESCom) since quite early in its existence.

Chairman Mark Pickering said: “A number of EMANZ members have sat on this committee for some time meaning that questions have quite rightly been raised about the viability and logic of the industry effectively having two bodies representing it.”

He said it has been engaged in discussions with CAANZ CEO Paul Head and chair of the PRESCom Megan Clark about bringing together both committees in a way that best benefits the industry as a whole, as well as those who volunteer their time to advance its interests.

The EMANZ Executive Committee has now voted in favour of rolling EMANZ’s activities and resources into the wider CAANZ fold. With the creation of a new Experiential sub-committee within PRESCom, the discipline will retain a focused and dedicated voice while becoming integrated into a strong body representing the full spectrum of communications agencies, many of whom count experiential among their offerings.

While a move like this could be a sign of the increasingly integrated world, Pickering said each of the channels have specific needs and challenges. Communication agencies are different to PR social experiential agencies, which are very different to media agencies and very different to digital agencies.

As deputy chair of the PRESCom, Pickering will continue to advocate for the experiential channel. The current EMANZ Executive Committee members will transfer to the CAANZ PRESCom Experiential Sub-Committee. They will meet bi-monthly and continue to work on industry initiatives such as events and showcases but now with the significant resources and support of CAANZ and the PRESCom. 

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