Education New Zealand hands promotional duties to foreign students

Following on from last year’s campaign featuring a pair of Brazilian bloggers sharing their experiences of studying in New Zealand, Education New Zealand has now launched a new campaign called ‘A new adventure every day’, which has a collection of five average foreign students starring in a series of videos that showcase what New Zealand is like.

The video series shares a typical day in the life of five international students currently studying around the country, and is designed to get other potential students interested in commencing their studies here.      


The students starring in each video are the winners of a competition run by Education New Zealand to find out the five favourite things they’d share with family and friends back home.

The campaign was brought to life by Touchcast, Clemenger BBDO and OMD.

The competition ran for a month at a range of education institutions around the country, with interested international students submitting a one-minute video of their five favourite things about their life in New Zealand. 

“Common new discoveries like rugby, sausage rolls and hokey pokey icecream featured in their entries,’ said Education New Zealand chief executive Grant McPherson in a release. “But so too did the education and lifestyle experiences they felt made New Zealand special. The supportive relationships they’d developed with their teachers, the choice of subjects and qualifications on offer, their friends, the ability to work while studying, and their lifestyle in New Zealand.”

In the videos, Lucas Castro Oliveira from Brazil skates down Hamilton’s riverside walkway to class, Anaiss Ramirez from Chile teaches dance in her part-time job in Christchurch and Hannah Vu from Vietnam shows campus living at the University of Canterbury. 

New Zealand’s international education industry attracts more than 97,000 international students a year, generating $2.6 billion for the New Zealand economy and supporting 28,000 jobs. And this places a significant amount of pressure on Education New Zealand to ensure that numbers stay high.  

“Many factors combine when students are deciding where to study,” says McPherson. “Our research shows that close to decision-making time many simply come down to, what will my life be like? Will I make friends? Can I study what I want to? And will this help me achieve my goals? So who better to share the New Zealand study experience, than our current students showing what they’re enjoying most about their new home.”

McPherson adds that international students are not only important from a financial standpoint but also in that they increase the cultural diversity of the country.   

“These students also form a valuable connection to New Zealand and provide Kiwi kids who are growing up in an increasingly interconnected world with the greater cultural awareness and global friendships and networks,” says Mr McPherson. 

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