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exposure logoExposure communications company has racked up a ton of high profile, expertly executed ads in the past five years by director Kevin Denholm – Mitre 10, Westpac, Air New Zealand, Toyota, ANZ, Telecom to name a few – the only problem being, Denholm can only be in one place at one time. Enter a director/producer team with more than 50 years’ experience between them, Peter Cudlipp and Maggie Lewis. Exposure clients collectively shout ‘hurrah’.


Cudlipp and Lewis are stepping back into ad land after a sabbatical, but we are all familiar with their work. Cudlipp recently directed the Placemakers campaign and past clients include Telecom, Contact Energy, LTSA, Air NZ and Census.

“My early theatre and acting background remains a strong influence on my approach. My focus has always been on using performance to tell stories with clarity and impact,” says Cudlipp.

Lewis has worked mainly in Sydney for Marmalade Films and was a co-founder Sydney Film Company. Her team bought you the Toyota ‘Bugger’ campaign and Telecom ‘Spot the dog’.

“Much of my recent involvement in the industry has been building new talent, fostering the current crop of producers and directors. It’s been great – but I still love being hands-on in making ads.”

Exposure plus Cudlipp and Lewis equals the start of a beautiful friendship.

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