DraftFCB creates online time machine, continues Dr Who party

Earlier this month, DraftFCB sent Dr Who fans’ voices to moon, and now, to continue the 50th birthday celebrations of the popular TV show, the agency has launched an online time machine that sends viewers spiralling through the history of the interwebs.

The gimmicky campaign, which is hosted at www.travelspaceandtime.co.nz, starts on the contemporary version of Yahoo! before suddenly pulling the viewer to 28 May 1999, where everything takes on a vintage look.

The nostalgic trip to Yahoo! is, unfortunately, not functional, in the sense that visitors can’t use the search engine to browse archived content. When a phrase is entered into the search bar, the website simply flicks across to a page that says, “Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived.”

Fortunately, the website, much like the hit show, is multi-dimensional, and offers eager time-travellers several additional levels of discovery.

By using a Tardis located on the bottom-left of the screen, website visitors can blast off to a range of other archived web pages that are designed to jog the memory. In addition to travelling to older news stories, the Tardis also stops off at the dancing baby website, a video of a man playing air bass, and a playlist of classic hits on Dancing Paul’s online abode.

But this isn’t the first time that the Internet has been given a vintage makeover. For its 15th anniversary, Google used its archives to give users a 1998 online experience. The stunt proved so popular that the people at Google left it live; and today, when the phrase “Google in 1998” is typed into the search bar, the site instantly reverts to its old-school look.   

DraftFCB launched the time-travelling website on 24 November to coincide with start of the new Dr Who season on Prime.

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