DraftFCB combats home assassins for ACC Home Safety Action Week

If you just so happen to be sitting on a chair on top of your Persian rug with a power chord nearby, clearly you like living dangerously. Or
maybe you just don’t know that your chair is in fact a four-legged assassin
conspiring with the other objects in and around your house to cause your demise. So, in an effort to draw attention to the unsuspecting objects that are often implicit in home-related injury, DraftFCB
launched ‘Fight the 5’, its campaign for ACC’s Home Safety Action Week. 

The campaign, which incorporates radio, TVC and posters, focuses on
the five common everyday objects that cause falls: moss, rugs, power cords,
chairs and puddles.

DraftFCB Wellington general manager Paul Irwin says tactics that involve
pointing the finger or scaring people into action make it “easy for people to
opt out”, so the strategy for this year’s Safety Week campaign was to shift the
focus from the individual to five common hazards.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW9V_m5nBYc“Focusing on seemingly harmless everyday objects has provided rich
territory for our creative. We’ve used humour and headlines crafted from the
actual hazards to capture Kiwis’ attention, while reinforcing it’s really easy
to take action to make your home safer. What’s more, the campaign is being
supported by a wide range of retail partners with products to help you deal to
the hazards around your home.”

As well as crafting headlines from the hazards, the radio campaign
features a series of commercials, each hazard adopting a suitably apt
personality as it defends its actions.



“Don’t call me a lethal snake,”
comments the power chord. Meanwhile, the Persian rug insists: “No way, I’m no evil bone
braker. I’m a snugly Persian rug, lying here in the hallway where you tripped
over me. So stop blaming me for your fractured wrist. If you don’t like how I
roll, just hold me down with some double-sided tape.”

MediaWorks Integration
partnered with DraftFCB to bring the concept to life on TV, and all the ads
were produced in-house at MediaWorks.

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