Don’t drink and fry push sees Fire Service enter unholy union with Hell

The Fire Service and M&C Saatchi recently launched a fairly unique campaign that features revellers after a big night out discussing the perils of drinking and frying—and, by extension, celebrating the joy of takeaways. Now, in another unusual step, it’s joined forces with Hell Pizza, which is putting the ‘Don’t drink and fry’ message on over a million pizza boxes and 100,000 scratch and win tickets that will be distributed in hospitality areas at night over the next two months.

“For 15 years our packaging hasn’t changed and because of that it’s instantly identifiable as our brand so we got a bit twitchy initially about making such a fundamental design change that could potentially compromise that,” says Hell Pizza’s Stu McMullin. “But we believed in the importance of the message and wanted to work with the Fire Service by telling this story to our customers.”

There are three new boxes and the redesign was done by Inject Design in Wellington.

Mike Hall, national commander of the Fire Service, admits the stars of the new TV campaign haven’t necessarily been engaged in sensible drinking, but they are certainly involved in sensible eating and, given alcohol is involved in 50 percent of all fatal house fires and most of those involve guys coming home from the pub, putting the fry pan on and falling asleep, that makes them fire-wise in his book.

“This is a fantastic way to reach a huge number of Kiwi’s with a life saving message and that has to be a winner,” Hall says.

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