‘Don’t be like Guy Williams. Do something with your life’

The One Percent Collective, which aims to create “a seismic shift in charitable giving in Aotearoa”, has already chalked up a few celebrity endorsements, with Dai Henwood, Conrad Smith, Kimbra and many others contributing to its first magazine, The Generosity Journal. And now ‘local craplebrity’ Guy Williams is helping out by imploring punters to do something good for a change and apply for the newly created chief digital storyteller role.

The clip was made by MoFresh. Interested parties can check out the job details here

The One Percent Collective has raised over $110,000 for the six charities it supports by getting Kiwis to give one percent of their income, or whatever small amount they can. And it’s set to add six more to the flock, so if you think you’re a worthy charitable organisation, check out the criteria here

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