In your face: Magic Leap and Weta Workshop’s take on the future of gaming

The joy of prediction is that no-one tends to remember the incorrect guesses. But whether it’s Arthur C Clarke, Nostradamus or Minority Report, they’ll often cling to the correct guesses as proof of some remarkable soothsaying ability. And, with the help of Weta Workshop, Magic Leap, a fairly mysterious “cinematic reality” startup that received US$542 million of funding last year, posted a video of what it sees as the future of gaming a few days ago. 

While the YouTube blurb says it’s “a game we’re playing around the office right now”, many are doubtful that this is a real product and believe it is a concept video (like Google Glass)​ to show what might be possible with the augmented reality technology. The involvement of special effects wizards Weta Workshop (it shows Dr Grordbort’s rayguns being used in the clip) seems to back up that view. But some have also wondered whether there is any benefit to being able to check your email or watch YouTube clips in this manner, especially as the ‘we should really switich off a bit more’ movement grows. Also, anyone swiping or prodding while wearing goggles looks pretty silly.  

Microsoft has also recently launched a video showing off its HoloLens technology, which is based on a similar premise. 

And here’s another one of Microsoft’s future visions. 

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