Domino’s gravity-infused pizza

In the world of marketing, oneupmanship is a powerful motivating force. And Domino’s one-upped itself last week by delivering a pizza via a skydive. 

Late last year, Domino’s celebrated the opening of its 600th store in Queenstown with a world first when it delivered a pizza via bungy. So, to celebrate the re-opening of the Domino’s store in Taupo, it decided to create another one, sending Alison Abel, who won a radio competition for a place in the plane, up 12,000ft. Once she landed, she then had to make the delivery to another competition winner from the Domino’s Facebook page if she wanted the additional prize of six months of free pizza. 

Domino’s tagline is ‘People Powered Pizza’ and it’s put a lot of emphasis on social media as a marketing channel (it has over 250,000 Facebook fans, making it the 6th largest brand on Facebook in New Zealand, and recently general manager Scott Bush held a live chat on Facebook, which is thought to be the first time the big wig of a QSR made themselves available in this fashion). That strategy isn’t entirely surprising given it reckons it will sell 80 percent of its pizza online by 2016.

Domino’s is no stranger to trying to get attention with ridiculous stunts, and its drone delivery clip from last year has clocked up over one million views. 

Pizza Hut also tacked itself on to a recent Visa campaign that sent surfer Kolohe Andino into one of the world’s most dangerous surf breaks and asked him to order a few pizzas. ​

And closer to home, StopPress was inconsolable last week when tragedy struck toothpaste brand Sensodyne as inclement weather meant it was unable to go through with its plan to get a Guinness World Record for the largest model tooth. 

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