Domino’s travels further down the online road with non-stop social monitoring

A recent article in Fast Company documented the transition of Domino’s from a struggling pizza chain to a technology company. And transparency, data and utility played a major role in that evolution. As such, online ordering has become increasingly important for the company, as evidenced by the likes of the pizza tracker and various mobile apps (its iPad app even features a 3-D pizza builder). And the same focus on digital customer service obviously exists in New Zealand, because it’s walking its ‘people powered pizza’ talk and investing in 24/7 resource to monitor customers across all social media platforms. 

“Social media is an extremely powerful avenue for everything from customer support, enquiries, feedback and building long-term relationships with those who are passionate about what we do,” said New Zealand general manager Scott Bush in a release. “We wouldn’t be taking this feedback seriously if we just let it sit dormant and didn’t respond after it reached a certain hour in the day. All too often we see brands schedule time posts or not respond for days at a time. This is a missed opportunity. You wouldn’t stop serving customers standing in your store ready to order pizza from you … You’ve got to be monitoring your pages and engaging with your fans and followers 24/7. Popular pizza eating times are late nights and weekends so we definitely don’t consider what we do as a nine to five job.”

Domino’s, which recently had a bit of a stoush over the ownership of the dominos.co.nz domain name (Domino’s was offered it for AU$18,000 by the owner but turned it down and then took a complaint to the Domain Name Commission, which found in favour of the owner and said it was not a case of domain name hijacking), recently reached 250,000 Facebook likes, and also operates on other platforms like YouTubeTwitterSnapchat and Vine (although there’s just one post so far). 

The social media team are fully trained members of the marketing team and part of the wider Domino’s network so all communication with customers is accurate and up to date.

Domino’s top three social media tips:

1. Don’t be shy

We encourage our fans to leave feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly because it’s the only way we can improve. We listen, we respond and we take it on to make improvements in the business. If you shy away from this it’s a missed opportunity.

2. Personality matters

People are becoming more scrupulous on who and what they follow and share. It’s harder to gain cut-through and relevance. Know your company’s values, know what and what you represent and have fun with your online community. Inject humour, humanise content and most importantly be relatable.

3. Be relevant

If you’re not relevant or timely you’ve missed the boat. Know your fans and your followers. Read what they read, watch what they watch and respond by producing timely and engaging content as opposed to just pushing promotional messages.

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