Doing stuff for free stuff: Fly Buys trumpets its rewards programme

Fly Buys has released a new campaign via Clemenger BBDO that emphasises the variety of rewards members can get with Fly Buys and how easy it is to receive them by simply “getting stuff free by doing the stuff you do every day”.

The first of two TVCs includes a montage of a family and their effortless experience as Fly Buys members overlaid with a belting soul singer’s voice, ululating the different “stuff” you can cash in on as a member.

The other ad has the father of the family eating breakfast when suddenly all of the “stuff” he’s accumulating appears in his kitchen, crowding around him.

Loyalty NZ head of marketing Adele Fitzpatrick says the campaign is an execution of the marketing strategy that was developed last year around customers and Fly Buys members’ understanding of the programme and of the relevance of the programme.

“We talked a lot with kiwis and they didn’t really know how to get points or how to boost their points and they didn’t know all of the rewards which they could spend their points on,” she says. “Some of the feedback we had was that it was too complicated but really it’s quite simple, if you do stuff you get free stuff. It really kind of turned into the campaign.”

Fitzpatrick says everyone has to buy groceries, pay bills, fill up their cars, do the shopping: “If you’re doing that you may as well be doing that with fly buys and get an added bonus with it…[there’s] over 3000 really great rewards that customers can spend their points on so we really wanted to talk about that and show it all.”

She says they decided on the word “stuff” as it’s more of a colloquial term.

“We did some market testing around this concept and the response was really positive – people liked that the message was clear and simple and in everyday language. Stuff is a very Kiwi expression.”

However, she did say one concern was the overuse of the word “stuff”.  

“People cautioned that it could come across as a bit too much. That’s why we loved the execution of the script – making it sung in gospel makes it catchy, unique and something people will want to hear. The music is amazing and we want to use it in as many ways as we can.”

Lyrica Garrett is the gospel singer in the background and Fitzpatrick says rumour has it she was discovered by Tina Turner singing in her father’s church.

Fitzpatrick says the campaign will be pushed out over TV (TVNZ, MSW, Prime, Specialist SKY), online video (TVNZ onDemand, Social, DBM), radio, digital display, print, through Fly Buys channels and she says there might even be a singing adshel in the mix.

“The programme has been around for over 18 years and it’s changed a lot over the years so the brand needed refreshing to reflect that,” Fitzpatrick says. “Our brand positioning is effortlessly everyday, we want to make it easy  for people to use and to be everywhere. Our brand idea is – make the most of the moment – this is about adding value to everyday situations and actions.  The characters in the campaign are definitely making the most of their everyday moments.”

She says it’s the first campaign Loyalty NZ has done after its refreshed brand.

“Our colours and the way we communicate the brand is quite different. Our website looks quite different and it relates too to how we talk about the brand and all the rest of it.” 

This quirky campaign follows on from some creative promotions run by Fly Buys. Last year, the loyalty programmae brought the joy of free parking to Wellington via an experiential campaign run in Wellington’s Featherston Street. With free car washes on offer, helpful promo staff holding up ‘Free Parking’ lollipops, and giveaways, the company took over all on the parks on Featherston Street in the CBD. The big drawcard: Fly Buys set up the meters so members could swipe their cards for two hours in lieu of payment. 

In 2012, a campaign by Clemenger BBDO went heavy on the creatures—and on Butterfly Effect references—to show that “every time you swipe, something a little bit good happens”. 

Later in the same year, Fly Buys applied its same running motto ‘Everytime you swipe, something good happens’ to gift-giving Adshels, with the one located on the corner of Queen St and Vulcan Lane gifting a gum ball every time a Fly Buys or Airpoints card was swiped. Another adshel on Symonds St blows out bubbles to Fly Buys card-swipers.

Loyalty NZ chief executive Stephen England Hall told NZ Marketing earlier that Fly Buys works hard to stay relevant and increase customer experience. 

“We do a lot of work with Lab 360, our data analytics unit, and our marketing insights team at an aggregated level to look at what is and isn’t working and what kinds of products these types of customers might like,” he said. “Where we’re looking at non-identifiable data sets then we will look at trying to work out patterns or opportunities for greater customer experience across the network. That’s what we’re working on at the moment.”

Despite Loyalty NZ’s efforts to market Fly Buys online, he said “Believe it or not, dropping paper in the mailbox still works for certain customer sets. Being a digitally savvy person [who was chief executive at Razorfish UK for two years]who hates mail, I found it really interesting. I had to unlearn my biases about mail in a business like this where you have huge chunks of customers who actually prefer it. Our research shows the catalogue is an extremely valuable tool because people look at it as a family unit or a group and make decisions on what they’re going to spend their points on. And that’s not very easy to do on a mobile phone …”

According to Loyalty NZ’s website the Fly Buys programme currently has over 2.4 million card holders across 74 percent of New Zealand households and partners with “50 industry-leading brands”.


Client: Loyalty NZ
Adele Fitzpatrick, Head of Marketing
Vicki Connor, Marketing and Communications Manager
Melanie Bruges, Marketing and Communications Manager
Kirsten Leighs, Marketing Manager
Mary Direen, Rewards Marketing Manager
Michael Loh, Campaign Specialist, Brand and Social

Creative agency: Clemenger BBDO
Account Director: Julia Walshaw
Account Manager: Rebecca Clarke
Writer: Millie Malcolm
Art Director: Frances Cooke
ECD: Brigid Alkema
Head of Television: Marty Gray
General Manager: Sean Keaney 

Film Company: Revolver Films

Director: Leo Woodhead
E Producer: Pip Smart
Producer: Nikki Smith
DOP: Ari Wegner
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Music Composer: Elliott Wheeler
Music Producer: Emma Hoy
Music Company: Turning Studios

​Media agency: MBM

Matt Bale – Director, MBM
Annabelle Wilkinson, Group Business Director
Bel Hawkins, Media Planner/Buyer
Adria Sell, Senior TV Trading Manager
Gerard Duignan, Business Director
Maryjo Arugay, Digital Media Specialist
Alexandra Hendra, Business Director
Digital agency: Tell
Dom O’Hare, Executive Digital Director
Ahren Koreman-Smit, Technical Director
Kevin Hfu, Digital Designer

Brand design: Ocean Design
Blair Mainwaring: Managing Director
Shayne Priddle: Strategic Director
Pete Montgomery: Creative Director
Anthony Hore: Designer
Matt Bluett: Designer
Cristin Waite: Account Manager
Kendal Morgan-Marshall: Account Director
Lara Phillips: Copywriter
Jeremy Dean: Strategist
Fay Nie: Strategist
Sam Dungey: Operations Manager

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