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nz postAre you a marketer that can’t be bothered with the un-fun fiddly bits of a large-scale direct mail campaign? New Zealand Post Targeted Communications to the rescue with the launch of DM One.

DM One is an all-in-one solution for print, data, mailhouse and lodgement services that lets advertisers know the cost of developing large (10,000+ units) direct mail campaigns up front.

This transparency makes it much easier for you to plan your approach and adjust your budget to make sure your campaign reaches the right people.

Post-campaign measurement, analysis and data profiling are other key services on offer.

Some direct mail success stories:

  • AA Life doubled its market share in 2007 with targeted DM campaign for new customers.
  • Colgate Sensitive considerably lifted its market share with a 23.9% response rate from a 2008 New World DM launch with Fly Buys incentives.
  • Caffe L’affare launched its organic Fair Trade coffee by sending samples to its top buyers. The DM freebie helped sales increase by 39.66% among targeted shoppers.

You can download an info pack on the website, www.nzpost.co.nz/DMone.

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