A dining experience like no other

Usually, the advertising message should fit with the brand. And when your brand specialises in creating meals that defy logic and simply don’t exist elsewhere, then your advertising has to offer viewers a unique experience. So, in an effort to live up to the expectations set by its avant garde—and sometimes creepy—approach to meal preparation, three Michelin-starred restaurant Diverxo has commissioned the creation of a macabre short film that depicts a collection of diners eating the creations of a mysterious chef (be warned, there’s a little bit of NSFW-ness included). 

Conceptualised by CLV Madrid and Mateo & Co and shot by Attic Films, the full ten-minute film is a subversive visual pleasure that makes the viewer believe that this restaurant really does offer something different from all other eateries not only in Spain but perhaps throughout the world.    

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