Designworks sprinkles magic dust over Tait as new global identity unveiled

Tait Communications is one of New Zealand’s best under-the-radar business success stories and is a great example of a local tech company finding its niche and selling its wares in the international market. And, in an effort to better reflect the company’s transformation into a “world-leading solutions provider” rather than just a radio manufacturer, Designworks Wellington has given it a spiffy new visual identity, slogan and website.



Tait Electronics was formed by Sir Angus Tait in 1969 in Christchurch and it focused on designing and assembling mobile radios. And while radio remains a core element of the company’s offerings, James Kyd, Tait’s chief marketing officer, says the solutions today include much more than just radios, which is why it made the decision to change the name from Tait Radio Communications to Tait Communications.

“This signals the beginning of a very exciting time for Tait and our global customers,” says Kyd. “The new identity represents an ongoing business transformation that we have been involved in for the past two years, and better reflects the business we are now in and the ways we are delivering value to our customers around the world…Today, our customers turn to us for the complete communications system, sourced, deployed, supported and managed in a fully integrated way.”

In 2011, Tait’s revenue exceeded US$150 million, of which 95 percent was earned in the 150 countries it exports to (recent successes include cutting a deal with the emergency services in New South Wales and ongoing work with the London bus network after securing a $19 million contract to install a communications system a couple of years back) and the company has seen record revenues and profits in the last three years, perhaps partly because it invests more than 14 percent of its revenue in R&D.

“The new identity captures the very essence of Tait’s culture—our customers—who at the heart of everything we do as a company,” Kyd says. “Our customers’ needs drive every decision, and this is reflected in Tait’s new brand statement: ‘Devoted to your cause’.”

Company spokesman James Richardson says the internal and external rollouts of the new brand, which was almost a year in the making, have been hugely successful so far and there’s been lots of positive feedback about it.

The new brand will continue to be rolled out gradually so that all the other aspects of the business align with the new visual identity.

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