We started it: battle of the interesting inflight videos

Standard inflight safety videos are in danger of extinction, with Delta and Virgin America the latest airlines to follow in Air New Zealand’s quirky footsteps. 

Featuring excessive dancing, cabaret-style singing and catchy lyrics, the Virgin America effort seems more suited to an episode of Glee than an instructional video designed to save your life. Jon M. Chu filmed the video, and it’s easy to see given that his CV includes Step Up 2: The Streets. It’s already clocked up 2.2 million views. 

While Delta’s Christmas-themed video is more reserved than Virgin America’s spectacle, it still features a few laughs, including a typically grumpy Ebenezer Scrooge, a ‘no regifting’ sign and a gingerbread man trying to access the net. The real strength of this video lies in its appeal to a younger audience, who will undoubtedly enjoy the cameos of their favourite Christmas characters.  

Air New Zealand’s success with its original videos has captured plenty of attention, and Southwest Airlines prepared an entire rap to show Kiwis that you can still have fun with your clothes on. The video, which was made in response to Air New Zealand’s ‘bare essentials’ video a few years back that featured actors in body paint, shows that commercial banter doesn’t always need to be scathing.       

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