The Compendium: 1 November

This 37-second, time-lapsed video illustrates what it takes to make a person magazine-worthy. It has recently been making rounds on Upworthy, where it has been posited as an indictment on our culture’s twisted sense of what constitutes beauty.

Halloween 2013 kept us ghoulishly entertained with a collection of themed ads, and this one from Lux proves that beauty and cosmetics commercials don’t always have to be obvious.

Snickers has obviously become quite adept at transforming people, but it’s a bit tragic that this skill has led to loss of the Horseless Headman.

If mouths could talk… Oh, wait, they can. And apparently they’re in desperate need of some refreshment, in the non-dental sense.

Y&R Paris executes an adult approach to advertising kids’ toys, without veering towards the creepiness of Vodafone’s kidults campaign.

The law students are at it again, this time using Lorde’s chart-topper as a backdrop to their satirical look at life as a law student. Although the video lacks the punchy critical impact of their first foray into the viral world, it’s still a fun watch.

Stephen King has coupled the release of his new book, Doctor Sleep, with an immersive online promotion that allows readers to delve into the history of the novel’s protagonist. The promotion gives viewers just enough information to pique their interest, and hopefully encourage them to purchase the book.

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